2020 will be a year that goes down in history. However, even throughout all of the craziness that delayed some weddings, couples were still getting married and shaping the trends of the next year. Here’s 5 trends you can expect to see this year:

Going virtual.

Even with the distribution of the vaccine, weddings will likely change long-term as couples successfully figured out ways to share their special day with friends and family virtually. There are a lot of different factors that can lead to less people being able to attend a wedding: it’s a destination wedding, the couple prefers a small guest list, they have a lot of family out of state/country, etc. Now they can just give links to livestreams so their friends and family can still share this special moment. We expect a lot of wedding videographers will start to include or be able to include that in their wedding services.

Wedding videographer.

It’s not just about that perfect photo anymore—now, couples like to capture their big day in motion as well. As a wedding venue, we’ve definitely noticed an uptick in videographers at weddings or tagging us in those videos on social media. It allows the couple to have that moment recorded forever so they can look back on it and show their kids. Plus, instead of guests leaving congratulations in a book, they have the opportunity to record it.

Eco-friendly weddings.

With all the decor, plate ware, and silverware needed at a wedding, it’s no surprise that many couples have tried to be as sustainable as possible on their big day. Switching out plastic items for paper when they can, donating or composting the flowers, going minimal on decor to cut down waste, and renting as much as they can so it’s reusable have all become popular trends when wedding planning.

Grazing dessert table.

Why stick to one cake when you can bring in a variety of desserts? Traditionally, the couple had to try and fit some different, versatile flavors in their tiered cake to try and make sure there’s something for everyone. Now, the trend leans more towards a small cake for the couple and a variety of desserts (cupcakes, macarons, pies, bunt cakes, etc.) for the guests to enjoy. Plus, it’s less informal in that guests can come up and grab whatever they want instead of requesting a cake flavor to be served.

Nostalgic or useful gifts.

Related to reduced waste weddings, couples are looking for meaningful and useful gifts to give their guests. For example, if a couple loves to play board games, they have a custom card game set made with their engagement photos or the wedding date inscribed on them. This way their friends and family receive something for them to keep as a memory of the day that they won’t just throw away. Get creative!

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