Weddings are a joyous event almost everyone has experienced, but have you ever stopped to think about all the traditions that make up this special day? There’s countless to consider, depending on the culture too, so we put together some of the most popular traditions/superstitions, how they came to be, and how they’re holding up in modern times.

White Dress

Believe it or not, some brides have been ditching the white dress for something with a little more color. The majority still keep the tradition, however, which was started after the marriage of Queen Victoria. She wore a white, lacy gown to her ceremony in 1840, and that began the popular trend that we still see today.

Something Blue

The “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” phrase originally came from an old English rhyme. Each of them represents an ideal: something old = continuity, something new = a bright future, something borrowed = borrowed happiness, and something blue = purity, love, and fidelity. While some brides continue this tradition, a lot have chosen to either skip it or incorporate them in other ways.

Wedding Cake

Having a wedding cake and the newlyweds cutting it together have become a classic moment at weddings. In general, it was just a way to feed guests and celebrate, but it’s become a classic part of a reception. However, some couples are starting to opt for cupcakes or dessert spreads rather than a huge, tiered cake. Instead, they order a small cake to cut together and then offer other desserts to the guests.

Wedding Rings

Ever wondered why you wear wedding rings on the fourth finger? It was once believed to have a vein that led directly to the heart, so it was a perfect representative of a couple’s love. Exchanging rings are still one of the most popular traditions in a wedding ceremony, and the fourth finger continues to be the standard.

Rain on Your Wedding Day

While this is often a worst fear for couples planning outdoor ceremonies, rain on your wedding day has been a positive superstition for a while. Many cultures considered it good luck because rain symbolizes cleansing and fertility; essentially, a true fresh start to your new life. It was also said to symbolize a marriage that will last since when a knot becomes wet, it becomes very hard to untie.

Bouquet Toss

According to old tradition, women used to steal/rip pieces of the bride’s dress and accessories to try and catch some of her good luck. To deter that, brides began to toss the bouquet so she and her groom could make a getaway. Thus, the bouquet and garter tosses were born, which has become a big feature of a wedding reception. Whoever catches these items, if they are unmarried at least, will be the next to marry according to the superstition. It can get awkward sometimes, especially when the groom has to search under his bride’s dress for the garter, so some couples have decided to skip it.

Which of these traditions did you keep in your wedding? Whether you choose to keep it traditional or modern, you’ll need a venue to celebrate with your friends and family. Come tour the beautiful Hidden Greens Event Venue to see all we have to offer.