Event planning can be a daunting task, but luckily a lot of it becomes easier after you lock down one important aspect: the venue. Once you’ve got that, the venue might be able to help you secure a good portion of your other needs thanks to a list of trusted vendors.

As you start researching venues, ask yourselves these important questions:

What’s your budget for a venue?

The price of a venue can often be a make-or-break. In some cases, however, a little higher price can be workable if it has all the things you wanted in a venue. In those cases, the planner should think about the highest price they can go on the venue, almost like a plan B version. If the venue does end up being a little more, than where are other areas that can be skimmed down? It never hurts to be extra prepared. The venue will set the whole scene for your event, so it’s an important aspect of the planning.

How many guests will you be inviting?

Another important aspect to keep in mind while researching: the size of the venue. There’s no point in visiting a venue that only seats 100 if your initial list includes 300 guests, so it will save you time and research by also including that in your initial search.

Do you want it to be indoor, outdoor, or both?

While this could all change if you find the perfect venue, it still helps to think about where you want to hold all the event’s activities (like ceremony and reception for a wedding). An outdoor venue has its own perks and disadvantages. Weather can be fickle, but planners are often willing to work around it if an outdoor event was a part of their vision. Thankfully, a large tent will usually do the trick in case of rain. Although, by choosing an outdoor/indoor venue, they could ensure that there’s always a plan B of going inside if the weather gets too severe.

Will the venue match with your decor?

An event on a farm will have a much different vibe than a modern, city location. Think about the theme, style, and colors of your event and what kind of “vibe” you want from the location.

Do they offer the services and amenities you need?

Ask if they have a kitchen, a bar area, WIFI, a set-up for audio-visual equipment, handicap accessibility, dressing rooms, or whatever else on your list that will help your event go smoothly.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect venue for your event. If you’re looking for a rustic-elegant, indoor-outdoor venue, take a look at Hidden Greens Event Venue through our virtual tour or set up an in-person one.