As with most wedding planning, couples have the choice of going with traditional, modern, or a mix of both. If a big cake was never their cup of tea, then they’ll be happy to know that lots of couple have started to get creative when feeding their guests. Here are some ideas and inspirations for ways to appease your guest’s sweet tooth and put a little more personality into the wedding dessert tradition.


This is one of the most common desserts trends behind a large cake: a combination of cake and cupcakes. A small cake in traditional design is for the wedding couple, and the cupcakes are for their guests. It allows the couple to offer more variety and even add some gluten free options if needed.


A more recent trend, some planners might have noticed a donut wall becoming more popular at weddings. Just like cupcakes, this gives the couple more flavor options, and they’re fun to use for decoration. Couples can create a donut wall separated by flavors, a special design like the couple’s initials, and more.


Cake isn’t always the favorite dessert. On their special day, the wedding couple should have a dessert that they like. If pies are their favorite, then they should go with that instead. Pies also come in many flavors, and depending on who they order them through, they could even order mini pies to serve similar to cupcakes.

Ice Cream & Candy Bar

Give your guests a fun way to customize their own dessert with a buffet of candy and ice cream. Choosing two to three flavors of ice cream will help keep the cost manageable, and then they can customize with a large variety of toppings. Some couples will also have an ice cream cake made that they can cut into like the traditional one.


These delicious French desserts are often used to decorate larger structures, which makes them perfect for a beautiful reception piece. Plus, they offer a huge variety of flavors and colors. Depending on the bakery, the couple could even order custom flavors for another unique touch to their special day.

Variety of Pastries

If couples want the best of both worlds, then they should go for all of their favorites. Depending on the type of desserts, they could set out a buffet or have a list of desserts on the dinner menu. Then they can more easily offer chilled options like cheesecake, tiramisu, custard, and more.

There’s so many ways for couples to show off their personality and have fun on their big day. Don’t be afraid to break tradition if it’s what you want, and try out one of these ideas. We would be happy to help you set up the perfect reception at our large ballroom that also extends onto a patio. Give Hidden Greens Event Venue a call to learn more.