When searching for a venue for your event, whether it’s for networking, a wedding, fundraising, etc., there’s always that point when you consider what type of venue set up is best. There are many benefits to searching for an indoor/outdoor venue, and here’s the highlights:


Although there is always the chance of weather not allowing your original plan of an outdoor event, the luxury of an indoor/outdoor venue still gives you the choice. If it’s raining, maybe you just need a tent and some umbrellas to continue, and the venue should ideally have a vendor lined up for renting a tent. If it’s more of a storm, then you can move inside and know you still have the choice to venture outdoors if it clears up during the event.


Some couples will claim that outdoor noise is the reason why they won’t do an outdoor event—an outdoor ceremony especially—but many venues have worked around that. For example, Hidden Greens solves this through our secluded hidden chapel. Nestled in the woods, our hidden chapel is surrounded by trees, which makes it a gorgeous setting for a ceremony that feels like you’re far away from civilization. Because our event center is located within the Hidden Greens Golf Club, it’s a bit of country not far from the big city.


One of the biggest benefits of an indoor/outdoor venue is the extra space. While our indoor venue has a 300-person capacity, that can be extended once you open it to the outdoors. If your event doesn’t require a sit-down dinner, then this is a great way to let people mingle wherever they want. If it’s a chilly day, we even have a firepit that makes catching up a cozy event. You can even rent heating lamps so the whole patio is comfortable to roam.


Depending on the design of the venue, and often the age of it, accessibility may be an issue going between the indoors and outdoors. However, many venues, especially newer ones, are taking this into consideration. For example, Hidden Greens has a ramp to our main doors, and going out onto our patio is as easy as opening up the wide garage doors so guests can go back and forth easily. If you’re using the hidden chapel, we have a paved pathway and a golf cart to transport guests.

Overall, the biggest benefit to an indoor/outdoor venue is the choice to go between indoor and outdoor instead of being limited to just one. Give us a call or use our contact form if you would like to set up a tour to see our beautiful set up for yourself. We even have a virtual tour on our website so you can “see inside” whenever you’d like.