Wedding planning involves so many details. Don’t overlook the importance of music and how it will be played at the reception. When picking entertainment, we suggest you really focus in on what you enjoy for music and how you want to honor that at your big day. We recommend keeping in mind these three main aspects: budget, vibe, and space.

As with most wedding details, it all depends on the kind of budget you have for your big day. In general, DJs will cost less than a band since you’re paying for one person, but that also depends on if the entertainment is well-known—very popular DJs or bands will charge more. Either way, budgets are great because you can choose to spend more on one aspect of the wedding if it’s something you really want to highlight. If having a live band was always your dream, then make sure to accurately price it out in your budget. Prices can vary depending on the size of the entertainment, equipment requests, set time, and the day. Before setting the budget, ask around to see what other couples in your area spent on their entertainment. This can also be a great way to gather recommendations.

A DJ and live band bring very different vibes to a wedding. Having a live band is more of an experience as guests can interact and build off of the performer’s energy, but a DJ can also have a great stage presence. In terms of song choices, a DJ will have a more extensive repertoire, but the right band will have all the songs you want. If you have not had a chance to experience the band or DJ at another gig, then you might not get what you’re expecting. Always do some research on local acts and then see them live before officially booking them.

Take into account the space of your venue. Can it fit your guests, a dance floor, and an entertainment act? When scoping out venues, be sure to ask what wedding couples typically do to transform that room into a party space. The event managers will be able to help you decide on the best way to organize the space and what kind of area will be available for the entertainment set up.

Either way, have fun when choosing your DJ or band! Reach out to some you like, ask how you can see them live, and then make a fun date out of it. If you’re thinking about Hidden Greens Event Venue for your wedding or other event, give us a call to set up a tour. We can show off our amazing ballroom which fits 300—more if the weather allows patio use—and how it can easily be converted into a dance floor.