With a new year comes new trends, and there’s already been a lot of talk about the big ones we might be seeing in 2020.

Sustainable weddings.

Wedding couples are starting to go eco-friendly in many different ways; they reset or reuse a family heirloom for their rings, work with a jeweler to reuse materials, use recycled paper for invitations, recycle materials for their wedding decorations, repurpose ceremony flowers as table settings, hire a caterer that sources locally, set up a compost area, and hire vendors that also focus on sustainability.

Inclusive menus.

With so many different diets and intolerances out there, mealtime can be quite the dilemma at a wedding. To make it easier, couples are offering a wide variety of options like gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more. Caterers are also starting to accommodate this trend by providing those types of requests in their menus.

Personalized cocktails.

Leaning into the popularity of mixology, couples are creating their own personal cocktails to celebrate the big day. They will often hire mixologists as well to give their guests a more luxurious experience.

Wedding hashtags.

Yes, wedding hashtags have been a thing for a little while now, but they’re becoming almost the “Facebook official” version of tying the knot. If you don’t have a hashtag, did it really happen? Have a sign set up somewhere in the reception hall so that guests know what hashtag to use. Another benefit—it makes it easy for the married couple to find the photos later.

Cake varieties.

Instead of opting for a one-flavor or layered-by-flavor large cake, couples have translated that into one small wedding cake and many cupcake varieties. Don’t be surprised if the dessert tables at weddings this year will have a wide array of flavors or types of sweets.

Wedding hair accessories.

Brides are opting for accessories as their wedding day wow factor rather than complicated up-dos. You’ll probably see a lot of floral additions, tiaras, barrettes, combs, and other accessories as they walk down the aisle.

Show-stopper lighting.

Nothing says celebration like some mood lighting. Couples are opting for more customization in the lighting of their venues by bringing their own lights. This way, they can create an atmosphere that fits their own aesthetic whether that’s rustic lighting or a waterfall of colored lights.

Less registries, more donations.

With the average age of marriage around 29-30, couples are marrying later in life, which means they often have an established homelife with many necessities already bought. So, couples are instead asking guests to donate to a honeymoon fund, or they offer both options.

Welcome to 2020! We can’t wait to see what all of our wedding couples choose for their big day this year. Give us a ring if you think Hidden Greens Event Venue fits what you’re looking for in a perfect venue.