When the time comes to finally pick a wedding date, many couples will often start at the season and/or holiday. If they want a traditional summer wedding, for example, then they may focus on a date sometime in June. Or maybe Halloween has always been a special day to them, so they want to honor that for their wedding. When it comes to planning a wedding on a holiday, however, there’s a few things to consider beforehand to make sure it’s what you really want.

First thing you should take into account: you don’t have to have your wedding on the holiday to make it a holiday wedding. Even being inspired by colors or themes of the holiday—such as holly, pine, velvet, and other textures or colors for Christmas—is enough to celebrate the special day without having to start fights in the family about claiming a “sacred” day.

If you’re having a small, intimate wedding though, then this might be a good opportunity to bring family and friends around for the holidays with a guaranteed joyous occasion to celebrate. Plus, it could then turn into a weekend of family hang out time. Depending on the holiday, guests might also appreciate already having the day off of work, so they don’t have to take off more time.

In some cases, you can also use the holiday to your advantage without using it for wedding inspiration. If you still want warm weather, then plan for a Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend wedding. If you love the winter holidays but don’t want to mess with Christmas, then plan it the week between then and New Year. There’s also a special symbolism to having your wedding on New Year’s Eve or Day when a new year is dawning.

So, essentially, here are the sides to consider when thinking about a holiday wedding:


  • Festive atmosphere at your wedding (depending on holiday).
  • Long weekend makes it easier for family to make the trip.
  • Time off for a holiday (work or school) also makes it easier to plan for guests.
  • Unique wedding experience special to the couple.



  • Family may have other plans if it’s a family-centered holiday like Christmas.
  • Seen as “cheesy” with the wrong decorations.
  • Vendors could cost more if you have your wedding on the actual holiday.
  • Need a lot of notice for guests to plan ahead especially if it’s a destination wedding.


Sit down and talk with your fiancé about what you want out of your wedding: is this holiday important to you? Can you compromise on the date if the actual holiday doesn’t work out? Will your family be understanding?

Either way, we love hosting weddings of all kinds at our beautiful venue. Come visit our Hastings, MN location to see how our elegant and rustic design will be the perfect spot for any holiday-themed wedding.