When planning a holiday party for your work or other groups, one of the first things to tackle should be a venue location. There’s no party if you don’t have a place to hold it, so venues should always be booked in advance—especially if they’re a well-known spot. To start off, try to have a list of at least three options that you can call just in case your first choice isn’t available on your preferred date. Or, if there’s no hard date yet, the venue’s availability might be the deciding factor on when you’re actually throwing the party.

Then, when looking around for venues, think of these key details:

  1. How many people are invited to the party?
  2. Will the party include a dinner?
  3. Can the venue be located somewhat near your work place?
  4. Will you allow alcoholic drinks?

Essentially, you need to be sure the venue has all the accommodations you might need like adequate space, a kitchen, and a liquor license. You should also ask if they have recommended or preferred vendors that they work with just so you know your options. Many venues have preferred lists of vendors. Hidden Greens offers such a list and is available upon request.

At Hidden Greens Event Center, our indoor ballroom fits 300 people. From early May through late October, our lovely stone patio and elegant firepit will keep guests warm and give a bit more room for all to enjoy the facility. We have a full-service kitchen and bar area. If you want to learn more about hosting your party at Hidden Greens, contact us today to check our availability and accommodations.