Settled around 1820, the city of Hastings has transformed into a charming and beautiful Southern suburb of the Twin Cities. It’s known for its gorgeous scenery, being located next to the Mississippi River, and ties to a famous architectural landmark.

Built in 1895, Hastings’ famous Spiral Bridge was a wagon ramp that was tall enough to allow boats to pass under it while also helping manage traffic heading into the main business district. Its unique design eventually became a tourist attraction, and its origin is still a mystery to this day with no official record of the bridge designer. Because it could not handle modern vehicles, however, it was demolished in the 1950’s. Even so, it managed to survive the test of time by seeing the transition of horse-drawn wagons to early engine-powered vehicles.

Its legacy lives on in Hastings through a scaled replica at the local Little Log House Pioneer Village; also, when driving around Hastings, you might also notice “spiral” in many business names to honor the famous bridge.

Hidden Greens Event Venue also wanted to honor Hastings’ rich history, and we did this through a rustic arch (pictured below) made with lumber from the Spiral Bridge. One of our couples dressed it up beautifully for their ceremony!

We’re proud to be located in historic Hastings, a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities. If you’d like to see all that Hidden Greens Event Venue has to offer, contact us to set up a tour so we can show off our gorgeous space! Remember to check out our lovely town while you’re here.