When planning a special occasion such as a wedding, family reunion, Chamber event, etc., it’s important to pay attention to the details. The decoration, food, and music will often make or break an event, so venues have taken it into their own hands to help simplify the process. Hidden Greens Event Venue has followed this example to help support our clients with a preferred vendor list.

Essentially, preferred vendors are a venue’s way of making your special occasion easier to plan with a curated list. The venue already has an established relationship with the vendors, so they know their clients will receive the best service. They have taken care of the initial interview process and make sure the vendors are aware of the level of professionalism needed for their property; plus, the venue ensures they have a current catering license and insurance information. After receiving the list, it’s easier to narrow down the choices so the client’s planning is skimmed down to choosing the best one for their event.

In Hidden Green Event Venue’s case, our preferred vendors are also well-versed in our space and the equipment, so we encourage clients to ask the vendors about all of their services. For example, some common questions for the catering vendors: Will they set up table arrangements and decor? Do they clear tables and break down buffet after? Are you able to take home leftovers?

Also, for our client’s benefit, our catering has a tier so that they can choose the type of food they would prefer. All are excellent choices, but we acknowledge that weddings have different levels of casualness and budgets.

If you choose our beautiful venue as the host of your event, our preferred vendor list offers options in these categories: catering, music, florist, rental companies, and transportation. However, please note if you would like to choose your own caterer or other vendor, we do offer a buyout option. This way we can accommodate the needs of all.

Remember, save yourself some of the planning stress, and choose a venue that helps support this important process!